This is a space that lets us bring together some videos that deserve some special attention. We hope you enjoy these select highlights.
Orlando Weeks x Dulwich Picture Gallery
This film was commissioned by Dulwich Picture Gallery for release alongside the run of their Edward Bawden exhibition.
We followed the journey of former Maccabees frontman, Orlando Weeks as he created his own lino print inspired by the work of Bawden. Filmed on location at printmaker Alex Booker’s studio and at the Gallery it stands alone as a legacy of this exhibition while also working as a marketing tool during the run of the exhibition. The narrative of creating this print is gently told, Weeks’ genuine fondness for Bawden is forefronted and the viewer develops a greater appreciation of the art of printmaking.  It was a real pleasure to linger over this process and fine tune the journey into a digestible gem.
Old Royal Naval College - Painted Hall Ceiling Tours
This video was commissioned by the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich to grab casual visitors to this historic site and encourage them to snap up tickets to this once in a lifetime opportunity to view the painted ceiling up close.
The tour and ceiling really were an exceptional experience so the challenge for us was to capture that in a quick and sharp video that caught the eye without music or sound so it could be played on a loop in the reception of the visitor centre, right next to the ticket desk. Working at heights in hard hats was very memorable - just don’t mention the stairs!
Tapestry re-hang at Hampton Court Palace
Commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces, this video was created to capture a rare re-hang of historic tapestries that had received special funding to be cleaned and conserved.
Covering one end of a great hall, the hang, involving many people, was going to have a dramatic impact but it could not be a fast or dynamic process. Special care had to be taken with these precious objects. To bring the video to life we employed a mixture of timelapse footage to illustrate the bigger picture and climbed the gantry to capture the details of how this intricate process could be complete in a modern way. This rare event was an opportunity to showcase these tapestries and tell their story against the background of a new beginning.
A Short History of the Order of St John
This ambitious project came from the Museum of the Order of St John - tell the story of history of the St John Ambulance charity through the museum’s collection through the voices of the charity’s youngest members.
It was a huge pleasure to work with the young people and capture their enthusiasm to get the narrative across. We worked closely with the team at the museum to select key objects to highlight and how to use pre-existing illustrations to make the video as engaging as possible for the target age group. With a combination of young voices, objects and animated graphics this video has surprised us all by travelling the world through the St John community.
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